Linux Bridge - Part 1

Overview In previous post, I described the concept of VXLAN and said it is heavily used in SDN (Software Defined Network). Although SDN is a relatively new concept, the support for virtual networking is not - Linux bridge has made it possible long before. It could be helpful to learn... [Read More]


Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network

Overview In one sentence, VXLAN (RFC 7348) is a protocol for overlaying virtualized layer 2 networks over Layer 3 networks. In this post, I will first introduce some network basics for better understanding the concept of VXLAN. Then I will talk about what is VXLAN, why using VXLAN and the... [Read More]
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Java Annotation

Basics As the name implies, annotation is used to provide additional information for the elements (classes, methods, etc) you want to annotate. It is similar to meta data which shows properties of an element. The most common annotation should be @Override, which indicates that you intend to override a method... [Read More]